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Controlled Lighting

Your home is all about living. With a lighting automation system from Hillstone, your house can become a smart home, providing an enhanced lifestyle and satisfaction.

Imagine coming home and with just a press of a button as you pull into your driveway, your pathway, front porch and hallway lights spring into life. No running around to hit light switches or fumbling around in the dark to find your front door. It all comes on at the press of one button, thanks to the technology offered by Hillstone.

And that's just the beginning. The Clipsal system means you can jump on the couch, hit a button to dim the lights so you can enjoy your favourite films without the hassle of getting up to flick them off. If you need some more light, just turn a knob and your lights will gently become brighter. It's all so simple, thanks to Hillstone.

Whether you are building, or want to enhance your existing home with the power and beauty of smart lighting, with Hillstone anyone can enjoy the benefits of a smart home. It's your home, so have complete control over it with Hillstone's controlled lighting systems.

Controlled Lighting

Lights up

With a lighting automation system from Hillstone, your lights can be controlled by the push of a button, even before you enter the house.  

No more stumbling up the path, or trying to get the key in the lock - the lights will be on before you get there.

LED Lighting Perth

Lights down

Spread out on the sofa, turn on the big screen and turn down the house lights, all with fingertip control.  And if you need a bit more light to see your drink, it's the work of a fingertip once more to turn them up again.

Hillstone's controlled lighting system makes your life brighter.


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