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Home Theatre

Sit back, switch on and spend a couple of hours (or more) watching the latest release in your own comfortable chair. Superb sound, fantastic picture quality and total control of what you want to watch, all at the touch of your fingertips. And no annoying theatre ads.

Hillstone are experts in making your home cinema experience one to be envied. Whether you want to start out with just the basics in home entertainment, or crave the full on, gold star experience, Hillstone will tailor make your system to fit your requirements.

Custom Home Theater

Custom set-up

Whether your home theatre is in a room used by the family for lots of other activities, or is a dedicated room just used for watching movies, listening to music or playing games, Hillstone's experts can design and install the specialised equipment just for you.  

surround sound

Surround sound

Nothing creates that feeling of actually being in the cinema like surround sound. At Hillstone, the size, shape and acoustic qualities of your room will be taken into account when planning where to put your speakers, how many you will need, and what kind of output would be best. Immerse yourself in the true theatre experience - call Hillstone today for a free consultation.



You want to control how you watch your movie, listen to your music, or play your games. Sound, vision, graphics - all can be controlled by you with one controller. Easy to use, but sophisticated in application, Hillstone will enhance your enjoyment of whichever media you choose.

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