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Intercom & Phone

Too busy to answer the door? Hillstone has you covered. Through advanced video intercom technology, you have instant high quality communication with friends and family who come knocking on your door.

Hillstone takes pride in its intercom and phone systems, with good reason. Their video intercom solutions allow you complete control over the entrance to your home, even opening your front door. You can even talk to people through the intercom system in other rooms!



How many times have you stuck your head out of one room, called someone's name, without getting an answer?  Because they're engrossed in a book, listening to music, or lost in the internet.  If there's an intercom in the room your voice will reach them wherever they are, whatever they're doing.

intercom & phone technology

Or far

Landlines are becoming less popular, VoiP, mobile phones, wireless technology are all making our world into a global village.  However you choose to talk to your friends and family on the other side of the world, Hillstone has the technology to make your communication easier, cheaper and - more importantly - accessible to everyone.

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