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Multiroom Audio

Hillstone understands how you move from room to room within your home, so they are proud to offer a multi-room audio called Sonos, that moves with you throughout your home.

Control of the system is from your tablet or smart phone via a free app, and lets you control everything – from song selection to volume in each room. Explore all the music on earth via the internet, from internet radio featuring every station in the world to virtually every Artist via a music streaming service such as Spotify.

Fill your home with pure, immersive sound via in ceiling or on wall speakers – or Sonos also offers wireless speakers that can be moved or installed around the home connected to your home wi-fi system.

wireless speaker

Never miss a word

You're watching the most exciting part of the movie, or listening to the climax of a symphony, and you have to leave the room. Carry that program with you wherever you go in the house, tune in and turn on.

outside audio system

Keep humming along

Hillstone are the experts at providing multi-room audio. High resolution audio is the latest technology to feature higher end sound quality. One platform is all that is needed to connect a wide range of devices - not just hi-fi - in your smart home. If streaming music is where you're at, give Hillstone a call today and arrange a free consultation.

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