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Security & CCTV

Advanced technology offers the best protection for your family. Hillstone understands you want to do everything and anything to protect your home, your family and your investments. Choosing Hillstone is the smartest move you can make to feel safe and secure. Their advanced and reliable technology have you covered and protected.

Although the technology Hillstone offers is highly sophisticated, it is remarkably simple to operate, securing your home with push button ease. Their security systems allow you to add special capabilities to your system, such as opening a garage door or controlling lights and heating.

It's easy to see why choosing Hillstone is one of the best investments you can make. It guarantees performance you can rely on and the security you and your family deserve.


The way of the future for security, CCTV cameras are a great way to provide security for your property.  Not only do they provide video footage of any events around the home, they also act as a deterrent to criminals.  Hillstone's experience in the security field provides them with expert knowledge of the best type of camera and its most effective positioning.

Home Security - Access Control

Wireless & IP

Hillstone can set up IP (internet protocol), wireless and cloud cameras without any need to run wires around the home.  Being able to view footage remotely can be useful if you are away from home, while being able to record video to a secure cloud server means no need for storage solutions at home.

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