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Smart Wiring

Hillstone is proud to offer advanced and superior home networking through advanced wiring technology that expands on basic home wiring to deliver a dynamic entertainment and communications system. Our technology allows you to network TV systems, your phones, desktop and laptop computers and even game consoles throughout your home.

Installing smart wiring is so easy, convenient, and it's now available at a surprisingly affordable price. Pay TV (such as Foxtel), TVs, computers, game consoles, set-top boxes, DVD or HDD recorders and players can be connected at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new components for each device.

Whether you're building or upgrading your dream home, ask Hillstone to install the latest in smart wiring. It will save you money and will add value to your home.

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A smart new home

If you are building a new home, Hillstone can install a smart wiring system while the home is being built, which is much easier (and cheaper) than a retrograde fitting.  Even if you are not sure you will use some of the technology, if the wiring is installed during building it will be there ready for you later.  And, of course, if you sell your home, any potential buyers will see the exciting possibilities for their own entertainment or security needs.

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If it's not a new home...

Don't worry if your home is a Victorian mansion, or a Federation cottage, Hillstone can still make it a smart house.  Just because a house is old, doesn't mean it can't have the latest technology, and Hillstone are experts are hiding any evidence that you have upgraded to modern technology inside.  One of the best things about smart wiring is the lack of cabling.  So that traditional home can look more traditional with smart wiring than without. 

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