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Hillstone Security & Communications Solutions

Hillstone has been established in Western Australia for over twenty five years.  Starting off as a small security company, over the years it has become a multi-faceted company offering advanced technological solutions to both the residential market and corporate clients.

Hillstone has a reputation for quality workmanship coupled with extensive design and planning solutions for every aspect of the smart house.  Wiring, lighting, audio systems, home theatre and security are all part of Hillstone's remit and the entire staff are immersed in the desire to forge new frontiers in smart house technology.

  • Home Theatre

    Hillstone can make your home theatre the envy of all your friends.

    When you invite your guests to sit down to watch a movie, don't be surprised if their mouths open and their jaws drop as the screen drops down in front of them, the projector whirrs into life on the ceiling and the blinds close effortlessly to emulate an intimate theatre.

    And they won't believe their ears when they hear the quality of sound coming from those expertly installed speakers. The only downside is that none of your friends will want to go home.

  • Smart Wiring

    What could be better than a smart wired house, where everything from opening and closing blinds to making the family room into a complete home theatre, can be done with just the touch of a finger?

  • Security & CCTV

    Hillstone is the expert in home security, with years of experience under the belt.  Whether it's something as simple as a CCTV camera or as complex as whole house security, Hillstone has you covered.

  • Multiroom Audio

    Movies, music, games.  It's all so much easier in a Hillstone designed smart house.  Great sound quality wherever you are.

  • Intercom & Phone

    Talk to anyone around the world - from the friend at your front door to that other friend in outer Mongolia (or just nice, safe New Zealand) - Hillstone opens doors (literally) to the world.

  • Controlled Lighting

    Turn on your lights before you reach the driveway.  Turn down your lights to watch the movie, and turn them up again to get a drink - all with one touch of your fingertip.

  • Ducted Vacuum

    A clean healthy home, with little effort and less noise.  That's what you get with ducted vacuuming - a powerful clean with no mess.

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